Experiment Builder Tutorial – Part 2 – Responses and Displays

Here is my second Experiment Builder tutorial. This follows on from my first tutorial and covers the basics of using the DISPLAY_SCREEN action to show stimuli to participants, as well as how to determine how to handle responses made by the participants.

As with the previous video, I recommend clicking on the video below to take you to YouTube, so you can view it more clearly.

I have a number of posts about this software and the related equipment. To see a list of the posts, click here.

There are a few images that you can use for this example. I’ll be using these in later tutorials as well. It’s often hard to find stock photos from the internet that you can unambiguously say that you own and are allowed to distribute, so here are some photos that I took myself… of my cat!

my cat

Picture of my cat outside of his box

Picture of my cat inside his box

Picture of my cat inside his box

2 thoughts on “Experiment Builder Tutorial – Part 2 – Responses and Displays”

  1. Hi,
    I have a question about the appearance of my experiment while it is running. Can I change any setting to enlarge the size of the experiment to fit the boundaries of the screen? It is currently running in a black-bordered box with limited resolution.


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