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Blog has Moved!!

My site will remain here but my blog has migrated to the address below: Thanks!

Charting the Defeat of AV using R (and some ggplot2 and merge operations on top)

In this post, I’ll be graphing some results from a recent referendum held here in the UK and combining it with the results of a set of local elections that were held at the same time. I’ll give some examples of graphing stuff using ggplot2 and will also show some info regarding merging datasets. At […]

Is R an ideal language to teach the fundamentals of programming to researchers with no experience in programming?

UPDATE: I’ve modified the title of this post a bit to clarify what I was really thinking when I wrote it. What I was really thinking was which programming language to choose to teach some fellow researchers how to get into the absolute basics of programming, out of the very limited set of languages I […]

Loops, Conditionals and Variables: A Basic Simulation in R

In this post, I’m going to go over some basics of using conditionals and loops in R. I’ll expand on the example I use here in future posts. The conditionals and loops will be used to create some dummy eye movement data. Background Before I get into the actual code itself, I should probably explain […]