Is R an ideal language to teach the fundamentals of programming to researchers with no experience in programming?

UPDATE: I’ve modified the title of this post a bit to clarify what I was really thinking when I wrote it. What I was really thinking was which programming language to choose to teach some fellow researchers how to get Continue Reading

Further Adventures in Visualisation with ggplot2

So I previously took a look at some data of player performance from a computer game. In this post, I’m going to do some further visualisations using ggplot2. The data consists of different types of player character, different roles for Continue Reading

Aggregate Function in R: Making your life easier, one mean at a time

I previously posted about calculating medians using R. I used tapply to do it, but I’ve since found something that feels easier to use (at least to me). ?View Code RSPLUSaggregated_output = aggregate(DV ~ IV1 * IV2, data=data_to_aggregate, FUN=median) aggregated_output Continue Reading