Welcome! My name is Hayward Godwin, and I’m a lecturer working at the Centre for Vision and Cognition (CVC) at the University of Southampton.

My research focuses on visual search, particularly in the context of real-world search tasks.

Most of my time spent teaching involves teaching research methods and statistics to first-year undergraduate students.

I live in Bournemouth with my soon-to-be wife and our two cats, Ziggy and Merlin.

If you would like to find me on social media, it’s probably not a good idea, but my google scholar page can be found here, and my Research Gate profile is here.

Long-term Collaborators

I’ve been fortunate to work with a range of fantastic – and dare I say, decent – people over the years. I’ve never been particularly good at capturing group photos of colleagues, but my main collaborators are:

Local Search Lab and Family – South Coast Edition

At the moment, my local search lab family consist of the people to the left here. The lab currently conssits of one post-doc (Olly Tew), one near-postdoc (Stuart Pugh), two MSc students (Andreea Butnaru and Christian Kalialia), as well as myself and Natalie Mestry.