meWelcome! My name is Hayward Godwin, and I’m currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working at the Centre for Vision and Cognition, over at the University of Southampton. My work to date has been focused primarily on visual cognition, and, in particular, visual search. Most of what I work on nowadays involves some form of eye-tracking.

I’ve been fortunate in working with a variety of different people on a number of different projects, including threat detection in real-world tasks, face perception, stroke patients, the eye movement behaviour of artists as they examine paintings in a gallery, biases in information sampling and processing of individuals who suffer from chronic pain, and the eye movement behaviour of experienced boat drivers as they engage with a maritime simulator. These varied projects have not only allowed me to gain experience with a broad range of theoretical questions, but have also helped me to expand my technical skills, both in terms of making experiments, and in terms of analysing the substantive datasets that are produced (particularly in the case of eye-tracking studies).